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Ever heard of the NHL? Maybe the phrase “Taylormade”? Ever heard of the Gold Standard, The Grammy’s? They all have one thing in common — they are the best of the best, the ivy league of success. If you haven’t heard of AAHA think of AAHA as the Grammy's of the vet industry. An award given to the very best in the industry. Just like an actor is recognized for their amazing accomplishments, so is the AAHA accreditation given to the veterinarians who hold the highest standards when it comes to practicing medicine.

Is it harder to be AAHA accredited? Yes! Are there more rules and guidelines a practice has to follow? Yes! Why do we do it then you may ask? It’s because we value the standard that it sets for us to achieve. By choosing to be AAHA accredited, you can trust that you are bringing your furry family members to a place that has undergone the strictest of observation to ensure your fur babies are treated better than anywhere else, taken care of like they were part of our family, and given the best quality of care that you won’t find anywhere else. Like we say, we love your pets so your pets can love you. AAHA helps us to do that best.

Some quick facts about AAHA accreditation:

  • Only 12-15% of all practices in North America are AAHA accredited.
  • It was established in 1933, which generally speaking, shows that they know what they are doing.
  • They have a system which supports the success of the vet, which supports the success of their practices, which allows them to be successful with their clients.

AAHA vision statement sums up perfectly what they are all about

“We seek to lead the profession in the provision of the highest quality of care for companion animals by improving standards of care, championing accreditation, and supporting our member practices in all aspects of this pursuit.”

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