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Something the size of a grain of rice, ensuring your pet will find a way home!

A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice. In a fast and painless procedure, veterinarian places a microchip just beneath the surface of the animal’s skin, usually between the shoulder blades. The procedure is similar to receiving a shot, so your pet will react in the same as they do when receiving a yearly vaccination. Most mammals can be microchipped, including dogs, cats, horses, and even ferrets. The procedure is quick – it will take more time to do the paperwork than to inject the microchip. The microchip does not contain an internal energy source, so it is safe and will last your pets entire lifetime. The microchip is encoded with the dog or cat’s unique ID code. A microchip is a permanent form of identification for your pet. The technology cannot track your pet’s whereabouts but it can help identify you as the owner in case your pet is ever lost or stolen.

What is Prime Trackr?

Prime Trackr is a microchip that was created by Edmonton Animal Hospitals. Our mission was to give the public a microchip that could be tracked without needing to go to the vet. With Prime Trackrs microchip and individual ID if you find a pet on the street you can take his ID type it into our interface and be connected immediately with the owner. This application is user friendly and super efficient.

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