Mercy Animal Hospital response to COVID 19

Here at Mercy Animal Hospital, we value the health and safety of our clients and ours. At the same time, we wish to limit animal suffering with continued timely veterinary care. In light of these concerns, these are the precautions we will be implementing:

-Our doctors wash their hands after each appointment and patient contact.

-We have limited our staff number at the Hospital to essential only and implement a work share program so some of the staff can take care of there kids in light of the school cancelation.

-When you come in, minimal contact with our staff and when possible maintain 1 m social distance (no handshakes).

-Use proper handwashing is implemented at the hospital.

-sanitizing the exam room, every each client and pet visit. High-touch items such as doorknobs, chairs, check-out counters, credit card terminals, communication devices, clipboards, coffee stations, and common areas.

-we put a gap in between each appointment to limit the client to client at the clinic at one time, also you will be directed to the exam room right away. Minimal wait time at the reception area.

-Proper cough etiquette.

-Self-quarantine if any COVID-19 clinical signs develop in our staff.

- we also encourage patient drop off, and consultation done over the phone in case clients are in self-quarantine.

While we are currently maintaining our operations to continue to provide veterinary care for your pet, we are also prepared to change our operating procedures as the need arises. We will keep you informed of any changes that may occur as we comply with recommendations made by Alberta Health Services.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Mercy Animal Hospital Team