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Animal Rescue Partnerships:

One of the biggest challenges facing our animal community here in edmonton is the amount of feral cats in our neighbourhoods. The traditional methods of trap and kill, or doing nothing have not gotten us very far. It is only through working with compassionate, intelligent individuals do we have the ability to combat this problem and educate people on how to go about implementing a solution. Edmonton Animal Hospital has chosen to partner with many different rescues here in town and contribute our time and effort by spaying and neutering a large portion of the cats that are brought in to our hospital with the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program. Among our spay and neuter program we also work hand in hand with a few other rescues to provide emergency care to animals that are suffering as well as checkups, rehabilitation, hospitalization, and anything else that we can do to create a better life for all animals. Not all pets who come in are feral, many volunteers foster animals until a home can be found for them and Edmonton Animal Hospital also provides care for many foster animals. We believe giving back is important, and we believe if you can, then you should give back. It is our goal to serve the people of Edmonton, to add value however we can, and make our city a better place and for us it starts in our clinic whenever a rescue walks in.

We are proud to work alongside so many amazing organizations. Here is a list of the many rescues that we have partnered with…

To learn more about their values and how they are helping our communities click on learn more below.